what is Harbour ar about

About Us

We are solving a widely known issue with the traditional nav signs, not being visible during the night and difficult weather conditions. Our technology enables us to display clearly visible overlay of maritime navigation marks onto water. We develop our own laser projection units, which are installed onto existing harbour superstructures and stationary maritime navigation signs like lighthouses. The projection units overlay the digital information onto the water.

Our technology works best at poor visible conditions. There is minimal scattered light to disrupt and confuse the navigators. Harbour AR combines augmented reality technology with traditional marine navigation. No special viewing equipment is necessary to see the projections. Our technology does not replace any existing navigation marks. We add a new layer of information right into the water. We can prevent the loss of life or serious injury due to collisions and groundings and reduce environmental impact of navigational errors in and around ports.


Latest News

webpage is up

Harbour AR will be publishing updates and other important information on this new website: www.harbourar.com. You can join our newsletter or contact us directly for more information!